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Deuteronomy Ekev
  Ki Tetse
  Ki Tavo
  Vezot HaBerachah
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8:19 If you ever forget God your Lord, and follow other gods, worshiping them and bowing to them, I bear witness to you today that you will be totally annihilated.
Vehayah im-shachoach tishkach et-Adonay Eloheycha vehalachta acharey elohim acherim va'avadetam vehishtachavita lahem ha'idoti vachem hayom ki avod tovedun.
8:20 You will be destroyed just like the nations that God is destroying before you - that will be the result if you do not obey God your Lord.
Kagoyim asher Adonay ma'avid mipneychem ken tovedun ekev lo tishme'un bekol Adonay Eloheychem.

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