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4:46 [They were now] on the east bank of the Jordan, in the valley opposite Beth Peor in the land of Sichon, king of Cheshbon, whom Moses and the Israelites had defeated when they left Egypt.
Be'ever haYarden bagay mul Beyt Pe'or be'erets Sichon melech ha'Emori asher yoshev beCheshbon asher hikah Moshe uveney Yisra'el betsetam miMitsrayim.
4:47 [The Israelites] occupied [Sichon's] land, as well as the land of Og, king of Bashan. [These were] the two Amorite kings to the east of the Jordan.
Vayirshu et-artso ve'et-erets Og melech-haBashan sheney malchey ha'Emori asher be'ever haYarden mizrach shamesh.


valley opposite Beth Peor
  See Deuteronomy 3:29.

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