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Deuteronomy Vezot HaBerachah
  Ki Tetse
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  Vezot HaBerachah
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Vezot HaBerachah

33:29 Happy are you Israel! Who is like you? [You are] a nation delivered by God, the Shield who helps you, and your triumphant Sword. Your enemies shall come cringing to you, and you shall crush their high altars underfoot.
Ashreycha Yisra'el mi chamocha am nosha b'Adonay magen ezrecha va'asher-cherev ga'avatecha veyikachashu oyveycha lach ve'atah al-bamoteymo tidroch.


  Ashrey in Hebrew. Makarios in Greek (Septuagint), denoting happiness, good fortune, or having things go just right. Or, 'You have it good' (Targum), or, 'all progress is yours' (Hirsch). See Genesis 30:13. Or, 'the greatest success' (Sforno).

and your triumphant Sword
  (Rashi; Ibn Ezra; Hirsch). Or, 'Your Helper shall hold His shield over you, and [His] sword is your boast' (Septuagint). Or, 'For you the sword is merely a proud ornament' (Paaneach Razah).

come cringing
  (Targum; Ibn Janach; Radak, Sherashim). Kachash in Hebrew; see 2 Samuel 22:45 (Midrash HaGadol). Or, 'will deny [their hatred]' (Chizzkuni); 'will speak falsely' (Septuagint), 'will renounce their principles' (Hirsch). Or, '[God] will subjugate your enemies' (Saadia).

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