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Deuteronomy Vezot HaBerachah
  Ki Tetse
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  Vezot HaBerachah
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Vezot HaBerachah

33:10 They shall [therefore] teach your law to Jacob, and your Torah to Israel. They shall place incense in Your presence and consume sacrifices on Your altar.
Yoru mishpateycha le-Ya'akov vetoratcha le-Yisra'el yasimu ktorah be'apecha vechalil al-mizbechecha.
33:11 May God bless his effort and favor the work of his hands. May He smash the loins of those who rise up against him, so that his enemies rise no more.
Barech Adonay cheylo ufo'al yadav tirtseh mechats motnayim kamav umesan'av min-yekumun.


in Your presence
  (Targum; Saadia). Literally, 'in Your nostrils.' Or, 'to [assuage] Your anger' (Abarbanel; Malbim; Septuagint; cf. Numbers 17:11).

  (Septuagint). Chayil in Hebrew. Or, 'brigade' (Saadia; Ramban); 'wealth' (Sifri; Targum); or, 'spirit' (Malbim).

so that...
  (Targum; Saadia; Rashi). Or, 'of the enemies who rise against him' (Ibn Ezra).

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