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Deuteronomy Ha'azinu
  Ki Tetse
  Ki Tavo
  Vezot HaBerachah
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32:25 Outside, the sword shall butcher boys, girls, infants, white-headed elders, while inside, there shall be terror.
Michuts teshakel-cherev umechadarim eymah gam-bachur gam-betulah yonek im-ish seyvah.
32:26 I was prepared to exterminate them, to make their memory vanish from among mankind.
Amarti af'eyhem ashbitah me'enosh zichram.


I was prepared
  Literally, 'I said that I would ...'

exterminate them
  (Ibn Ezra; Baaley Tosafoth; Abarbanel), Pa'ah in Hebrew, possibly from pe'ah, a corner. Or, 'destroy their every corner' (Chizzkuni); 'banish them from the world' (Rashbam); 'scatter them to every corner' (Ibn Ezra; Radak, Sherashim, Ibn Janach; Ralbag; Septuagint); 'put them in a corner' (Abarbanel; Hirsch); 'banish them to the ends of the earth' (Rambam); 'rid Myself of them' (Rashi); 'let out My anger against them' (Targum; Malbim); 'be exacting' (Saadia); 'take away their Divine Spirit' (Targum Yonathan); or, 'Where are they' (Sifri).

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