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3:8 At that time we thus took the lands of the two Amorite kings who lived to the east of the Jordan, in the area between the Arnon Brook and Mount Hermon.
Vanikach ba'et hahi et-ha'arets miyad shney malchey ha'Emori asher be'ever haYarden minachal Arnon ad-har Chermon.
3:9 (The people of Sidon refer to Hermon as Siryon, while the Amorites call it Senir.)
Tsidonim yikre'u le-Chermon Siryon veha'Emori yikre'u-lo Snir.
3:10 [The occupied territory included] all the cities of the flatlands, the entire Gilead, and the entire Bashan as far as Salkhah and Edre'i; the cities of Og's kingdom in the Bashan.
Kol arey hamishor vechol-haGil'ad vechol-haBashan ad-Salchah ve'Edre'i arey mamlechet Og baBashan.


  Literally, 'other side.'

Mount Hermon
  The large mountain to the north of the Holy Land. At 9232 feet high, it is the highest mountain of the southern Lebanon range.

  Tzidon in Hebrew; see Genesis 10:15,19, 49:13. This was a city on the Mediterranean, just northwest of Hermon.

  See Psalms 29:6. Some say that it denotes 'falling fruit' (Targum Yonathan) or 'much fruit' (Targum Yerushalmi) or it can possibly be related to Shiryon, armor. See Deuteronomy 4:48.

  See Ezekiel 27:5, Song of Songs 4:8, 1 Chronicles 5:23. This denotes 'snow mountains' (Targum; Rashi). The eastern peaks are known as Siryon, while the northern peaks are known as Senir (cf. Malbim).

  Identified with the present Salkhad, 70 miles east and 20 miles south of the Kinnereth Sea and some 40 miles east of Edre'i. It forms the extreme southeast of Bashan, and is situated on very high ground, providing a natural fortress.

  See Numbers 21:33. It is approximately halfway between Salkhah and the Kinnereth.

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