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Deuteronomy Ki Tetse
  Ki Tetse
  Ki Tavo
  Vezot HaBerachah
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Ki Tetse

22:29 then the rapist must give the girl's father 50 [shekels] of silver. He must then take the girl he violated as his wife, and he may not send her away as long as he lives.
Venatan ha'ish hashochev imah la'avi hana'arah chamishim kasef velo-tihyeh le'ishah tachat asher inah lo-yuchal shalchah kol-yamav.
23:1 A man must not take his father's woman. He must not pervert that which is private to his father.
Lo-yikach ish et-eshet aviv velo yegaleh knaf aviv.


50 shekels
  The normal dowry of a bride (see note on Exodus 22:15).

He must then take
  But only if the girl consents (Yad, Naarah Bethulah 1:3).

A man must not...
  See Leviticus 18:8, 20:11. Some say that this includes any woman that his father seduced or raped (Kethuvoth 97a; Ibn Ezra), but this is not the law (Yad, Issurey Biyah 2:11). It also includes the father's wife after the father's death (Midrash Aggadah).

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