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Deuteronomy Shoftim
  Ki Tetse
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  Vezot HaBerachah
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21:5 The priests from the tribe of Levi shall then come forth. (It is these [priests] whom God has chosen to serve Him and to pronounce blessings in God's name, and who are entrusted to decide in cases of litigation and leprous signs.)
Venigshu hakohanim beney Levi ki vam bachar Adonay Eloheycha lesharto ulevarech beshem Adonay ve'al-pihem yiheyeh kol-riv vechol-naga.
21:6 All the elders of the city closest to the corpse shall wash their hands over the decapitated calf at the stream.
Vechol-zikney ha'ir hahi hakerovim el-hechalal yirchatsu et-yedeyhem al-ha'eglah ha'arufah vanachal.

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