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Deuteronomy Ki Tetse
  Ki Tetse
  Ki Tavo
  Vezot HaBerachah
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Ki Tetse

21:19 then his father and mother must grasp him and bring him to the elders of his city, to that area's supreme court.
Vetafsu vo aviv ve'imo vehotsi'u oto el-zikney iro ve'el-sha'ar mekomo.
21:20 [The parents] must declare to the elders of his city, 'Our son here is wayward and rebellious. He does not listen to us, and is an [exceptional] glutton and drunkard.'
Ve'amru el-zikney iro benenu zeh sorer umoreh eynenu shomea bekolenu zolel vesove.


grasp him
  That is, both must agree to bring him (Bachya).

supreme court
  (Targum). Literally, 'gate.' This is the local supreme court of 23 judges. There must be two witnesses to the 'meal of the rebellious son' besides the parents (Yad, Mamrim 7:7).

  (Saadia). See Proverbs 23:20,21 (Midrash HaGadol).

  This alludes to the 'meal of the rebellious son.' By tradition he must steal money from his father, and buy 50 dinars of meat, eating it rare outside his father's property and in bad company. This is the act that must be witnessed for the son to be put to death (Yad, Mamrim 7:2; Sanhedrin 70a).

  He must also drink log (5oz.) of wine with the meal (Ibid.). It is therefore forbidden for a boy of this age to eat such a meal at any time (Sefer HaMitzvoth, Negative 195).

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