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Deuteronomy Shoftim
  Ki Tetse
  Ki Tavo
  Vezot HaBerachah
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20:20 However, if you know that a tree does not produce food, then until you have subjugated [the city], you may destroy [the tree] or cut off [what you need] to build siege machinery against the city waging war with you.
Rak ets asher-teda ki lo-ets ma'achal hu oto tashchit vecharata uvanita matsor al-ha'ir asher-hi osah imecha milchamah ad ridetah.
21:1 [This is what you must do] when a corpse is found fallen in the field in the land that God your Lord is giving you to occupy, and it is not known who the murderer is.
Ki-yimatse chalal ba'adamah asher Adonay Eloheycha noten lecha lerishtah nofel basadeh lo noda mi hikahu.

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