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Deuteronomy Shoftim
  Ki Tetse
  Ki Tavo
  Vezot HaBerachah
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17:2 [This is what you must do] when you discover a man or woman doing evil in the eyes of God your Lord in one of the settlements that God your Lord is giving you. [That person] will have violated [God's] covenant
Ki-yimatse vekirbecha be'achad she'areycha asher-Adonay Eloheycha noten lach ish o-ishah asher ya'aseh et-hara be'eyney Adonay Eloheycha la'avor berito.
17:3 by going and worshiping or bowing down to the sun, moon or other heavenly bodies, whose [worship] I prohibited.
Vayelech vaya'avod elohim acherim vayishtachu lahem velashemesh o layare'ach o lechol-tseva hashamayim asher lo-tsiviti.


whose worship I prohibited
  (Septuagint; Megillah 9a; Rashi). Literally, 'which I did not command.'

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