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Deuteronomy Re'eh
  Ki Tetse
  Ki Tavo
  Vezot HaBerachah
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15:3 You may collect from the alien, but if you have any claim against your brother for a debt, you must relinquish it.
Et-hanochri tigos va'asher yihyeh lecha et-achicha tashmet yadecha.
15:4 God will then bless you in the land that God your Lord is giving you to occupy as a heritage, and there will not be any more poor among you.
Efes ki lo yihyeh-becha evyon ki-varech yevarechecha Adonay ba'arets asher Adonay Eloheycha noten-lecha nachalah lerishtah.
15:5 This, however, will be true only if you obey the word of God your Lord, carefully keeping this entire mandate that I am prescribing to you today.
Rak im-shamoa tishma bekol Adonay Eloheycha lishmor la'asot et-kol-hamitsvah hazot asher anochi metsavecha hayom.


and there will not be...
  (Ibn Ezra; Bachya).

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