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Deuteronomy Ekev
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10:8 [After I came down from the mountain], God designated the tribe of Levi to carry the ark of God's covenant, to stand before God and serve Him, and to offer blessing in His name.
Ba'et hahi hivdil Adonay et-shevet haLevi laset et-aron brit-Adonay la'amod lifney Adonay leshorto ulevarech bishmo ad hayom hazeh.
10:9 It is for this reason that Levi was not given any portion or inheritance along with his brethren. God is his heritage, as God promised him.
Al-ken lo-hayah le-Levi chelek venachalah im-echav Adonay hu nachalato ka'asher diber Adonay Eloheycha lo.


After I came down from the mountain
  (Ralbag); cf. Numbers 8:6,14. Or at the time of the golden calf; cf. Exodus 32:26,29 (Rashbam). Literally, 'at that time.' Possibly, after Aaron's death, when the priests were given special status (cf. Ramban).

to carry the ark...
  See Numbers 4:15.

to stand....
  Numbers 8:19. Some say that this denotes the Levites' song (Arakhin 11a). See next note, 'to offer blessing...'

to offer blessing...
  Some say that this denotes the levitical song during the service (Ralbag). Others say that it denotes the priestly blessing in Numbers 6:22-27 (Rashi; Ibn Ezra).

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