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1:41 Your answer to me was, 'We have sinned to God! We will head north and fight, just as God our Lord commanded us.' Each of you took his weapons, and you made every effort to head north to the highlands.
Vata'anu vatomeru elay chatanu l'Adonay anachnu na'aleh venilchamnu kechol asher-tsivanu Adonay Eloheynu vatachgeru ish et-kley milchamto vatahinu la'alot haharah.
1:42 God said to me, 'Tell them not to go and not to fight, since I will not be with them. Let them not be killed by their foes.'
Vayomer Adonay elay emor lahem lo ta'alu velo-tilachamu ki eyneni bekirbechem velo tinagefu lifney oyveychem.


made every effort
  (Tzafenath Paaneach from Avodah Zarah 66b). Hin in Hebrew. Or, 'were prepared' (Rashi), 'hurried' (Saadia), 'agreed' (Ibn Ezra), 'considered it enough' (Hirsch), or, 'desired' (Radak).

not to...
  Actually a direct quote.

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