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Numbers BeHa'alotecha
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9:22 Thus, whether it was for two days, a month, or a full year, no matter how long the cloud remained at rest over [the Tabernacle], the Israelites would remain in one place and not move on. Then, when [the cloud] rose, they would continue on their travels.
O-yomayim o-chodesh o-yamim beha'arich he'anan al-haMishkan lishkon alav yachanu veney-Yisra'el velo yisa'u uvehe'aloto yisa'u.
9:23 They thus camped at God's word and moved on at God's word, keeping their trust in God. [It was all done] according to God's word through Moses.
Al-pi Adonay yachanu ve'al-pi Adonay yisa'u et-mishmeret Adonay shamaru al-pi Adonay beyad Moshe.

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