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Numbers BeHa'alotecha
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9:11 He shall prepare it on the afternoon of the 14th of the second month, and shall eat it with matzahs and bitter herbs.
Bachodesh hasheni be'arba'ah asar yom beyn ha'arba'im ya'asu oto al-matsot umerorim yocheluhu.
9:12 He shall not leave any of it over until morning, and not break any bone in it. He shall thus prepare it according to all the rules of the [regular] Passover offering.
Lo-yash'iru mimenu ad-boker ve'etsem lo yishberu-vo kechol-chukat haPesach ya'asu oto.


14th of the second month
  14 Iyyar, one month after the regular Passover.

shall eat it...
  See Exodus 12:8.

not break any bone...
  See Exodus 12:46.

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