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7:18 On the second day, Nethanel son of Tzuar, prince of Issachar; brought his offering.
Bayom hasheni hikriv Netan'el ben-Tsu'ar nesi Yisachar.
7:19 The offering that he brought was one silver bowl weighing 130 shekels and one sacrificial basin weighing 70 shekels by the sanctuary standard, both filled with wheat meal kneaded with oil for a meal offering;
Hikriv et-korbano ka'arat-kesef achat shloshim ume'ah mishkalah mizrak echad kesef shiv'im shekel beshekel hakodesh shneyhem mele'im solet blulah vashemen leminchah.
7:20 one gold incense bowl weighing 10 [shekels] filled with incense;
Kaf achat asarah zahav mele'ah ketoret.

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