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 5:5  5:6
5:6 speak [as follows] to the Israelites:

If a man or woman sins against his fellow man, thus being untrue to God, and becoming guilty of a crime,
Daber el-beney Yisra'el ish o-ishah ki ya'asu mikol-chatot ha'adam lim'ol ma'al b'Adonay ve'ashmah hanefesh hahi.

5:7 he must confess the sin that he has committed. He must [then] make restitution of the principle plus a 20% surcharge, and give it to the victim of his crime.
Vehitvadu et-chatatam asher asu veheshiv et-ashamo berosho vachamishito yosef alav venatan la'asher asham lo.


If a man or woman...
  See Leviticus 5:21.

he must confess...
  This is a commandment to confess a sin to God as part of one's repentance (Yad, Teshuva 1:1; Sefer HaMitzvoth, Positive Commandment 73). See Leviticus 5:5, 26:40.

  See Leviticus 5:24.

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