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5:27 When the woman drinks the water, if she has been defiled and untrue to her husband, the curse-bearing water, will enter her body to poison her, causing her belly to blow up and her sexual organs to rupture. The woman will be a curse among her people.
Vehishkah et-hamayim vehayetah im-nitme'ah vatim'ol ma'al be'ishah uva'u vah hamayim hame'orerim lemarim vetsavetah vitnah venaflah yerechah vehayetah ha'ishah le'alah bekerev amah.
5:28 However, if the woman is pure and has not been defiled to her husband, she will remain unharmed and will become pregnant.
Ve'im-lo nitme'ah ha'ishah utehorah hi veniktah venizre'ah zara.


become pregnant
  (Targum Yonathan; Rashbam; Ibn Ezra; Josephus). She will also have a much better pregnancy than previously (Sotah 26a; Rashi). Or, 'she is permitted to her husband' (Chizzkuni).

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