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 5:16  5:17
5:16 The priest shall bring forth [the woman] and have her stand before God.
Vehikriv otah hakohen vehe'emidah lifney Adonay.
5:17 The priest shall take sanctified water in a clay bowl. He shall [also] take some earth from the Tabernacle floor and place it in the water.
Velakach hakohen mayim kedoshim bichli-chares umin-he'afar asher yihyeh bekarka haMishkan yikach hakohen venatan el-hamayim.


before God
  At the entrance of the Communion Tent facing the Holy of Holies (Sifri; Yad, Sotah 3:3; Josephus, Antiquities 3:11:6).

sanctified water
  From the washstand (Sifri; Rashi); cf. Exodus 30:17. This is because the washstand was made of the mirrors of the righteous women (Exodus 38:8; BeMidbar Rabbah 9:15; Rashi). One half log (around 5 oz.) water was used (Menachoth 88a; Yad, Sotah 3:9).

clay bowl
  A new one (Sotah 15b; Yad, Sotah 3:9).

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