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5:13 A man may have Iain with her carnally, keeping it hidden from her husband, and they may have acted secretly so that there could be no witness against [the woman]. [The woman] was not raped.
Veshachav ish otah shichvat-zera venelam me'eyney ishah venisterah vehi nitma'ah ve'ed eyn bah vehi lo nitpasah.
5:14 [This is a case where] the man [had previously] expressed feelings of jealousy against his wife, and she then [may have been] defiled. [However,] he may have expressed such feelings of jealousy against his wife, and she [may have not been] defiled.
Ve'avar alav ruach-kin'ah vekine et-ishto vehi nitma'ah o-avar alav ruach-kin'ah vekine et-ishto vehi lo nitma'ah.


  (Sotah 3a; Rashi). The law is that a woman becomes a sotah only if her husband had warned her not to be alone with a certain man, and she then violated the warning.

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