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4:32 the pillars of the surrounding enclosure, their bases, stakes and guy-ropes, all their tools, and all their maintenance equipment. They shall be appointed by name to carry all the articles with which they are entrusted.
Ve'amudey hechatser saviv ve'adneyhem vitedotam umeytreyhem lechol-kleyhem ulechol avodatam uveshemot tifkedu et-kley mishmeret masa'am.
4:33 The above is the work comprising the entire service of Merari's descendants in the Communion Tent. It shall be under the direction of Ithamar, son of Aaron the priest.
Zot avodat mishpechot beney Merari lechol-avodatam be'Ohel Mo'ed beyad Itamar ben-Aharon hakohen.

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