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4:19 This is what you must do so that they survive, and not die when they come into the Holy of Holies. Aaron and his sons shall first come and arrange each thing so that every [Kehothite] can perform his service, carrying his load.
Vezot asu lahem vechayu velo yamutu begishtam et-kodesh hakodashim Aharon uvanav yavo'u vesamu otam ish ish al-avodato ve'el-masa'o.
4:20 [The Kehothites] will then not come and see the sacred [furniture] being packed, and they will not die.
Velo-yavo'u lir'ot kevala et-hakodesh vametu.


being packed
  (Targum; Rashi; Saadia; Ibn Ezra). Bala in Hebrew, literally meaning 'swallowed'. Or, 'when the sanctuary is taken apart' (Ibn Ezra; Rashbam), 'when the most holy is revealed' (Ibn Ezra; Ramban); 'if they take an instantaneous glance' (BeMidbar Rabbah 5:9; Tanchuma, VaYakhel 7; HaKethav VeHaKabbalah; Septuagint); or, 'steal a glance' (cf. Ramban; Sanhedrin 81b).

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