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Numbers BeMidbar
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4:9 They shall take a cloth of sky blue wool, and cover the menorah lamp along with its oil cups, wick tongs, ash scoops and the oil containers used for it.
Velakchu beged techelet vechisu et-menorat hama'or ve'et-neroteyha ve'et-malkacheyha ve'et-machtoteyha ve'et kol-kley shamnah asher yeshartu-lah bahem.
4:10 [The menorah] and all its utensils shall be placed in a case of blue-processed skins, and placed on a carrying frame.
Venatnu otah ve'et-kol-keleyha el-michseh or tachash venatnu al-hamot.
4:11 They shall spread a sky blue wool cloth on the golden altar, and then cover it with a case of blue-processed skins. They shall then set its carrying poles in place.
Ve'al mizbach hazahav yifresu beged tchelet vechisu oto bemichseh or tachash vesamu et-badav.


wick tongs...
  See Exodus 29:38.

oil containers...
  Mentioned here for the first time.

carrying frame
  Mot in Hebrew. It was carried on the frame, not hanging from it (Chizzkuni). See Numbers 13:23.

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