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Numbers BeMidbar
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3:7 They shall safeguard My trust and the trust of the entire community involving the Communion Tent, performing any necessary service in the Tabernacle.
Veshamru et-mishmarto ve'et-mishmeret kol-ha'edah lifney Ohel Mo'ed la'avod et-avodat haMishkan.
3:8 They shall guard all the Communion Tent's furniture, along with [everything else] that the Israelites have entrusted for the Tabernacle's service.
Veshamru et-kol-kley Ohel Mo'ed ve'et-mishmeret bney Yisra'el la'avod et-avodat haMishkan.
3:9 Give special instructions to Aaron and his descendants. They are his gift from the Israelites.
Venatatah et-haLevi'im le-Aharon ulevanav netunim netunim hemah lo me'et beney Yisra'el.

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