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Numbers BeMidbar
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2:17 On the march, the Communion Tent [and] the camp of the Levites shall then proceed. [They] shall be in the middle of the [other] camps.

[The people] shall travel in the same manner as they camp. Each person shall be in his place, according to each one's banner.
Venasa ohel-mo'ed machaneh haLevi'im betoch hamachanot ka'asher yachanu ken yisa'u ish al-yado ledigleyhem.

2:18 The divisions under the banner of Ephraim's camp shall be to the west.

The leader of Ephraim's descendants was Elishama son of Amihud.
Degel machaneh Efrayim letsiv'otam yamah venasi livney Efrayim Elishama ben-Amihud.

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