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Numbers Korach
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18:9 Among the fire [offerings] that are holy of holies, the following shall be yours: All [the Israelites'] sacrifices, all their grain offerings, all their sin offerings, all their guilt offerings, [and] everything that they return to Me. These shall be holy of holies to you and your descendants.
Zeh yihyeh lecha mikodesh hakodashim min-ha'esh kol-korbanam lechol-minchatam ulechol-chatatam ulechol-ashamam asher yashivu li kodesh kodashim lecha hu ulevaneycha.
18:10 Every male [priest] may eat [these offerings], but you must eat them in a most holy area, since they must remain holy to you.
Bekodesh hakodashim tochlenu kol-zachar yochal oto kodesh yihyeh-lach.


holy of holies
  See Leviticus 2:3, 2:10, 6:10, 6:18, 6:22, 7:1, 7:6, 14:13, 24:9.

  Such as communal peace offerings (Rashi).

grain offerings
  See Leviticus 2:3,10, 6:10.

sin offerings
  Leviticus 6:18.

guilt offerings
  Leviticus 7:1

most holy area
  Within the enclosure; see Leviticus 6:19.

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