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 18:25  18:26
18:25 God spoke to Moses, telling him to
Vayedaber Adonay el-Moshe lemor.
18:26 speak to the Levites and say to them:

When you take from the Israelites the tithe that I have given you as your inheritance from them, you must separate from it an elevated gift to God, a tithe of the tithe.
Ve'el-haLevi'im tedaber ve'amarta alehem ki-tikchu me'et bney-Yisra'el et-hama'aser asher natati lachem me'itam benachalatchem vaharemotem mimenu trumat Adonay ma'aser min-hama'aser.

18:27 This [tithe given to you by the Israelites] is your own elevated gift. and it is exactly like grain from the threshing floor or wine from the vat.
Venechshav lachem trumatchem kadagan min-hagoren vechamle'ah min-hayakev.


a tithe of the tithe
  The Levites had to take a tenth of their tithe which in turn was one tenth of the Israelite's produce. Hence this 'terumath maaser' was 1% of the produce.

This tithe...
  Or, 'That which you give as an elevated gift [to the priest] shall be considered like [the elevated gift] taken from... (Rashi).

  Meleah in Hebrew, see Exodus 22:8. Or, 'best wine' (Saadia; cf. Targum Yonathan), or, 'offerings' (Septuagint).

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