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Numbers Korach
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17:3 The fire pans belonging to the men who committed a mortal sin have been presented before God and thus sanctified, so he shall make them into beaten plates to cover the altar. Let this be a sign for the Israelites.'
Et machtot hachata'im ha'eleh benafshotam ve'asu otam riku'ey fachim tsipuy lamizbe'ach ki-hikrivum lifney-Adonay vayikdashu veyihyu le'ot livney Yisra'el.
17:4 Eleazar took the copper fire pans that the victims of the fire had presented, and he beat them flat as a covering for the altar.
Vayikach El'azar hakohen et machtot hanechoshet asher hikrivu hasrufim vayerake'um tsipuy lamizbe'ach.


to cover
  The literal meaning (cf. Menachoth 99a). Josephus, however, states that they were made into ornamental plates that were placed near the altar (Antiquities 4:3:4).

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