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Numbers Korach
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16:30 But if God creates something entirely new, making the earth open its mouth and swallow them and all that is theirs, so that they descend to the depths alive, then it is these men who are provoking God.'
Ve'im-beri'ah ivra Adonay ufatstah ha'adamah et-piha uval'ah otam ve'et-kol-asher lahem veyardu chayim she'olah vidatem ki ni'atsu ha'anashim ha'eleh et-Adonay.
16:31 Moses had hardly finished speaking when the ground under [Dathan and Aviram] split.
Vayehi kechaloto ledaber et kol-hadevarim ha'eleh vatibaka ha'adamah asher tachteyhem.


creates something entirely new
  (Rashi; Rashbam; Chizzkuni). Or, 'causes destruction' (Ibn Ezra), or, 'produces a miracle' (Septuagint).

Dathan and Aviram
  From context. See note on Numbers 16:32.

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