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16:27 [The people] withdrew from around the pavillion of Korach, Dathan and Aviram. Dathan and Aviram went out and stood defiantly at the entrance of their tents, along with their wives, sons and infants.
Vaye'alu me'al Mishkan-Korach Datan va'Aviram misaviv veDatan va'Aviram yatse'u nitsavim petach aholeyhem unesheyhem uvneyhem vetapam.
16:28 Moses announced, 'This shall demonstrate to you that God sent me to do all these deeds and I did not make up anything myself.
Vayomer Moshe bezot tede'un ki-Adonay shlachani la'asot et kol-hama'asim ha'eleh ki-lo milibi.

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