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Numbers Shlach
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15:3 you will be presenting fire offerings to God. They may be burnt offerings, or other sacrifices, either for a general or specific pledge, or for your festivals. Taken from the cattle or smaller animals, they shall be meant to provide an appeasing fragrance to God.
Va'asitem isheh l'Adonay olah o-zevach lefale-neder o vindavah o bemo'adeychem la'asot re'ach nichoach l'Adonay min-habakar o min-hatson.
15:4 The one bringing the sacrifice to God must then present a grain offering consisting of 1/10 [ephah] of the best grade wheat meal mixed with 1/4 hin olive oil.
Vehikriv hamakriv korbano l'Adonay minchah solet isaron balul birvi'it hahin shamen.


burnt offerings
  See Genesis 8:20, Leviticus 1:3.

general or specific pledge
  See Leviticus 7:16.

1/10 ephah
  This is an omer, a day's worth of food (Exodus 16:36). It is around 2 quarts.

wheat meal
  See note on Leviticus 2:1.

1/4 hin
  Around one quart.

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