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Numbers Shlach
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15:29 There shall be a single law for one who does such an inadvertent act, whether he is a native born Israelite or a proselyte who joins them.
Ha'ezrach bivney Yisra'el velager hagar betocham torah achat yihyeh lachem la'oseh bishgagah.
15:30 However, if a person commits [such an act of idolatry] high-handedly, whether he is native born or a proselyte, he is blaspheming God, and that person shall be cut off [spiritually] from among his people.
Vehanefesh asher-ta'aseh beyad ramah min-ha'ezrach umin-hager et-Adonay hu megadef venichretah hanefesh hahi mikerev amah.

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