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15:24 If [such a sin] is committed inadvertently by the community [because of their] leadership, the entire community must prepare one young bull for a burnt offering as an appeasing fragrance to God, along with its prescribed grain offering and libation. [They must also present] one goat for a sin offering.
Vehayah im me'eyney ha'edah ne'estah lishgagah ve'asu chol-ha'edah par ben-bakar echad le'olah lere'ach nichoach l'Adonay uminchato venisko kamishpat use'ir-izim echad lechatat.
15:25 The priest shall then make atonement for the entire Israelite community, and they will be forgiven. It was inadvertent, and they brought their sacrifice as a fire offering to God along with their sin offering before God, for their misdeed.
Vechiper hakohen al-kol-adat beney Yisra'el venislach lahem ki-shgagah hi vehem hevi'u et-korbanam isheh l'Adonay vechatatam lifney Adonay al-shigegatam.


  Literally, 'eyes.' See Leviticus 4:13.

one goat...
  This was only true of idolatry; for other sins, only the bull had to be presented (Leviticus 4:14; see Yad, Shegagoth 12:1).

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