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15:20 You must separate the first portion of your kneading as a dough offering. It must be separated very much like the elevated gift that is taken from the threshing floor.
Reshit arisotechem chalah tarimu trumah kitrumat goren ken tarimu otah.
15:21 In future generations, you must thus give the first of your kneading as an elevated gift to God.
Mereshit arisoteychem titnu l'Adonay trumah ledoroteychem.


dough offering
  Challah in Hebrew. This offering must be separated from an omer of dough, about 8 cups (Eruvin 83b; Rashi). In the codes, this is given as the volume of 43.2 eggs (Yad, Bikkurim 6:15; Yoreh Deah 324:1). Since the volume of an average egg is 50 cc., 1.69 fl. oz., or 3.05 cu. in., the amount of dough that must be kneaded so that there is an obligation to separate challah is 2160 cc., 73 fluid ounces, 9-1/8 cups, or 131.8 cubic inches. [Incidentally, the codes give the volume as 311 cubic finger-breadths (Yad, loc. cit.). A simple calculation shows that if a finger-breadth is 3/4 inch, this is 131.8 cubic inches.]

threshing floor
  The elevated gift (terumah) taken from crops. This was given to the priest; see Numbers 18:12.

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