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14:35 I, God, have spoken, and [there is no way] that I will not do this to the entire evil community that has banded against Me. They will end their lives in this desert, and here is where they will die.'
Ani Adonay dibarti im-lo zot e'eseh lechol-ha'edah hara'ah hazot hano'adim alay bamidbar hazeh yitamu vesham yamutu.
14:36 The men whom Moses sent to explore the land, and who returned and complained about it to the entire community, slandering the land, [were punished immediately].
Veha'anashim asher-shalach Moshe latur et-ha'arets vayashuvu vayalinu alav et-kol-ha'edah lehotsi dibah al-ha'arets.

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