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Numbers Shlach
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14:30 [My oath is that] you will not come into the land regarding which I swore with a raised hand that I would let you live in it undisturbed. The only exceptions will be Caleb [son of Yefuneh] and Joshua (son of Nun).
Im-atem tavo'u el-ha'arets asher nasati et-yadi leshaken etchem bah ki im-Kalev ben-Yefuneh viYehoshua bin-Nun.
14:31 'You said that your children will be taken captive, but they will be the ones I will bring [there], so that they will know the land that you rejected.
Vetapechem asher amartem lavaz yihyeh veheveyti otam veyad'u et-ha'arets asher me'astem bah.
14:32 'You, however, will fall as corpses in the desert.
Ufigreychem atem yiplu bamidbar hazeh.

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