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 14:20  14:21
14:20 God said, 'I will grant forgiveness as you have requested.
Vayomer Adonay salachti kidvarecha.
14:21 But as I am Life, and as God's glory fills all the world,
Ve'ulam chay-ani veyimale chvod-Adonay et-kol-ha'arets.
14:22 [I will punish] all the people who saw My glory and the miracles that I did in Egypt and the desert, but still tried to test Me these ten times by not obeying Me.
Ki chol-ha'anashim haro'im et-kvodi ve'et-ototay asher-asiti veMitsrayim uvamidbar vayenasu oti zeh eser pe'amim velo sham'u bekoli.
14:23 They will therefore not see the land that I swore to their ancestors. All those who provoked Me will not see it.
Im-yir'u et-ha'arets asher nishbati la'avotam vechol-mena'atsay lo yir'uha.


as I am Life
  (see Yad, Yesodey HaTorah 2:10).

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