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Numbers Shlach
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14:18 'God is slow to anger, great in love, and forgiving of sin and rebellion. He does not clear [those who do not repent], but keeps in mind the sins of the fathers for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.'
Adonay erech apayim verav-chesed nose avon vafasha venakeh lo yenakeh poked avon avot al-banim al-shileshim ve'al-ribe'im.
14:19 'With Your great love, forgive the sin of this nation, just as You have forgiven them from [the time they left] Egypt until now.'
Slach-na la'avon ha'am hazeh kegodel chasdecha vecha'asher nasatah la'am hazeh miMitsrayim ve'ad-henah.

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