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14:11 God said to Moses, 'How long shall this nation continue to provoke Me? How long will they not believe in Me, despite all the miracles that I have done among them?
Vayomer Adonay el-Moshe ad-anah yena'atsuni ha'am hazeh ve'ad-anah lo-ya'aminu vi bechol ha'otot asher asiti bekirbo.
14:12 I will kill them with a plague and annihilate them. Then I will make you into a greater, more powerful nation then they.
Akenu vadever ve'orishenu ve'e'eseh otecha legoy-gadol ve'atsum mimenu.
14:13 Moses replied to God, 'And what will happen when the Egyptians hear about it? You have brought this nation out from among them with Your great power!
Vayomer Moshe el-Adonay veshame'u Mitsrayim ki-he'elita vechochacha et-ha'am hazeh mikirbo.


  (Rashi; Targum Yonathan; Septuagint). Or, 'disown.'

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