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Numbers Shlach
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13:21 Second Reading
The men headed north and explored the land, from the Tzin Desert all the way to Rechov on the road to Chamath.
Vaya'alu vayaturu et-ha'arets mimidbar-Tsin ad-Rechov levo Chamat.
13:22 On the way through the Negev, they came to Hebron where [they saw] Achiman, Sheshai and Talmi, descendants of the Giant. Hebron had been built seven years before Tzoan in Egypt.
Vaya'alu vaNegev vayavo ad-Chevron vesham Achiman Sheshay veTalmay yelidey ha'Anak veChevron sheva shanim nivnetah lifney Tso'an Mitsrayim.


Tzin Desert
  This is in the southern Negev, north of Kadesh.

  This is to the north-west of the Holy Land (Chizzkuni). Some say that it is in Asher (cf. Joshua 19:28,30, 21:31, Judges 1:31, 2 Samuel 10:8, 1 Chronicles 6:60). Some identify it with Beth Rechov (Judges 18:28). Other sources, however, translate it as 'the highway heading to Chamath' (Targum Yonathan).

  A large city, some 160 miles north of the Holy Land on the Orontes River. It was a major city in ancient times (cf. Numbers 34:8). Some sources identify it with Antioch (Targum Yonathan).

  Literally, 'he.' Some say that only Caleb went to Hebron (Sotah 34b; Rashi; Rashbam). He was therefore given Hebron as his inheritance, see Numbers 14:24.

  See note on Genesis 23:2. They were later driven out by Caleb (Joshua 15:14), and killed (Judges 1:10).

  (Targum; Saadia). Some say that Anak is a proper name (Targum Yonathan; Septuagint).

  This is identified with Tanis (Targum; Septuagint), a city south of the Delta. According to tradition, Hebron was built at the time of the Tower of Babel in 1996 or 1764 b.c.e. (Seder HaDoroth 1996). This would indicate that Tanis was built in 2003 or 1757 b.c.e. However, if we allow for the 163 year discrepancy (see Genesis 12:15, Exodus 2:23), then Tanis was built in 1920 b.c.e. Tanis was the capital of the Hyksos.

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