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Numbers BeHa'alotecha
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12:14 Last Reading
God said to Moses, 'If her father had spit in her face, would she not have been embarrassed for seven days? Let her remain quarantined for seven days outside the camp, and then she can return home.'
Vayomer Adonay el-Moshe ve'aviha yarok yarak befaneyha halo tikalem shiv'at yamim tisager shiv'at yamim michuts lamachaneh ve'achar te'asef.
12:15 For seven days, Miriam remained quarantined outside the camp, and the people did not move on until Miriam was able to return home.
Vatisager Miryam michuts lamachaneh shiv'at yamim veha'am lo nasa ad-he'asef Miryam.
12:16 The people then left Chatzeroth, and they camped in the Paran Desert.
Ve'achar nas'u ha'am meChatserot vayachanu bemidbar Paran.


  See Leviticus 13:4.

Paran Desert
  The next move was to Rithma; see 33:18. The Israelites left Chatzeroth on 29 Sivan (Taanith 29a; Seder Olam Rabbah 8).

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