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Numbers BeHa'alotecha
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10:10 One your days of rejoicing, on your festivals, and on your new-moon celebrations, you shall sound a note with the trumpets for your burnt offerings and your peace offerings. This shall be a remembrance before your God. I am God your Lord.
Uveyom simchatchem uvemo'adeychem uveroshey chodshechem utkatem bachatsotsrot al oloteychem ve'al zivechey shalmeychem vehayu lachem lezikaron lifney Eloheychem ani Adonay Eloheychem.
10:11 Fifth Reading
In the second year [of the Exodus], on the 20th of the second month, the cloud rose from the Tabernacle of Testimony.
Vayehi bashanah hashenit bachodesh hasheni be'esrim bachodesh na'alah he'anan me'al Mishkan ha'edut.


20th of the second month
  20 Iyyar, 36 days after the Passover.

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