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Numbers BeMidbar
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1:4 Alongside you there shall be [one] man from each tribe, [and] he shall be the head of his paternal line.
Ve'itechem yihyu ish ish lamateh ish rosh leveyt-avotav hu.
1:5 These are the names of the men who will assist you:

For Reuben, Elitzur son of Shedey-ur.
Ve'eleh shmot ha'anashim asher ya'amdu itchem li-Re'uven Elitsur ben-Sdei'ur.

1:6 For Simeon, Shelumiel son of Tzuri-shaddai.
Le-Shim'on Shlumi'el ben-Tsurishaday.
1:7 For Judah, Nachshon son of Aminadav.
Li-Yehudah Nachshon ben-Avinadav.


These are the names of the men who will assist you
  Also see Numbers, chapters 2,7,10.

Shelumiel son of Tzuri-shaddai
  Some identify him with Zimri in Numbers 25:14 (Sanhedrin 82b; Chizzkuni).

Nachshon son of Aminadav
  Aaron's brother-in-law (Exodus 6:23, q.v.).

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