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Leviticus Tsav
  Acharey Mot
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8:17 All [the rest of] the bull - its skin, flesh and insides - he burned in fire outside the camp. [It was all done] as God had commanded Moses.
Ve'et-hapar ve'et-oro ve'et-besaro ve'et-pirsho saraf ba'esh michuts lamachaneh ka'asher tsivah Adonay et-Moshe.
8:18 He brought forth the ram for the burnt offering, and Aaron and his sons pressed their hands on its head.
Vayakrev et eyl ha'olah vayismechu Aharon uvanav et-yedeyhem al-rosh ha'ayil.
8:19 He slaughtered it, and Moses dashed its blood on all sides of the altar.
Vayishchat vayizrok Moshe et-hadam al-hamizbe'ach saviv.
8:20 He cut the ram into pieces, and Moses burned the head, the cut pieces, and the intestinal membrane [on the altar],
Ve'et-ha'ayil nitach lintachav vayakter Moshe et-harosh ve'et-hanetachim ve'et-hapader.


  See Leviticus 1:8.

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