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Leviticus Tsav
  Acharey Mot
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 6:12  6:13
6:13 This is the offering that Aaron and his descendants must bring from the day that [any one of them] is anointed [as High Priest]. It shall consist of 1/10 ephah of wheat meal, and it shall be a daily meal offering, with one half [offered] in the morning, and one half in the evening.
Zeh korban Aharon uvanav asher-yakrivu l'Adonay beyom himashach oto asirit ha'efah solet minchah tamid machatsitah baboker umachatsitah ba'arev.


from the day
  (Saadia). Literally 'on the day.' This is thus part of the inauguration ceremony of every priest (Menachoth 78a; Rashi; Yad, Kley HaMikdash 5:16). A common priest only brings this offering on the day he is installed, while the high priest brings it every day (Yad, Temidim 3:18).

as High Priest
  (Targum Yonathan; Rashbam. See Leviticus 6:15.

1/10 ephah
  Around 2 quarts. See Exodus 16:36, Leviticus 5:11, 5:15.

one half [offered] in the morning...
  Twelve loaves were baked (see Leviticus 6:14). According to some, they were broken in half, with the first halves offered in the morning, and the others in the evening (Yad, Maaseh HaKorbanoth 13:4). According to others, 6 loaves were offered in the morning, and 6 in the evening (Raavad ibid.).

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