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Leviticus VaYikra
  Acharey Mot
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5:6 He must [also] bring his guilt offering to God for the sin he has committed. It must be a female sheep or goat, [brought] as a sin offering. The priest will then make atonement for [the person's] sin.
Vehevi et-ashamo l'Adonay al chatato asher chata nekevah min-hatson kisbah o-se'irat izim lechatat vechiper alav hakohen mechatato.
5:7 If he cannot afford a sheep, the guilt offering that he presents to God for his sin shall be two turtle doves or two young common doves. One shall be a sin offering and the other shall be a burnt offering.
Ve'im-lo tagia yado dey seh vehevi et-ashamo asher chata shetey torim o-shney veney-yonah l'Adonay echad lechatat ve'echad le'olah.


guilt offering
  Asham in Hebrew. In general, this sacrifice is known as an 'adjustable sacrifice' or 'a sacrifice that can be more or less' (korban oleh ve-yored).

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