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Leviticus VaYikra
  Acharey Mot
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3:6 If one's sacrifice for a peace offering to God is taken from the smaller animals, he may [also] present an unblemished male or female animal.
Ve'im-min-hatson korbano lezevach shlamim l'Adonay zachar o nekevah tamim yakrivenu.
3:7 If he brings a sheep as his sacrifice, he shall present it before God.
Im-kesev hu-makriv et-korbano vehikriv oto lifney Adonay.
3:8 He shall press his hands on the head of the sacrifice and have it slaughtered in front of the Communion Tent. Aaron's descendants shall then dash its blood on all sides of the altar.
Vesamach et-yado al-rosh korbano veshachat oto lifney Ohel Mo'ed vezarku beney Aharon et-damo al-hamizbe'ach saviv.

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