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Leviticus VaYikra
  Acharey Mot
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3:10 The two kidneys along with the fat on them along the flanks, and the lobe over the liver near the kidneys, must [also] be removed.
Ve'et shtey haklayot ve'et-hachelev asher alehen asher al-haksalim ve'et-hayoteret al-hakaved al-haklayot yesirenah.
3:11 The priest shall burn them on the altar, to be consumed as a fire offering to God.
Vehiktiro hakohen hamizbechah lechem isheh l'Adonay.
3:12 If his sacrifice is a goat, he shall present it before God.
Ve'im-ez korbano vehikrivo lifney Adonay.


to be consumed
  Literally 'bread,' lechem in Hebrew. Some say that this denotes something acceptable before God (Saadia). According to others it denotes 'food' (Ibn Ezra), 'flesh' (Ibn Janach; Radak), or 'fuel for the fire' (Rashi; Hirsch). It might be called a 'bread offering' because part of it was eaten; but see Numbers 28:2. It may also denote 'spiritual food.'

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