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Leviticus Emor
  Acharey Mot
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23:39 On the 15th of the seventh month, when you harvest the land's grain, you shall celebrate a festival to God for seven days. The first day shall be a day of rest, and the eighth day shall be a day of rest.
Ach bachamishah asar yom lachodesh hashvi'i be'ospechem et-tvu'at ha'arets tachogu et chag-Adonay shiv'at yamim bayom harishon Shabaton uvayom hashmini Shabaton.
23:40 On the first day, you must take for yourself a fruit of the citron tree, an unopened palm frond, myrtle branches, and willows [that grow near] the brook. You shall rejoice before God for seven days.
Ulekachtem lachem bayom harishon peri ets hadar kapot tmarim va'anaf ets-avot ve'arvey-nachal usmachtem lifney Adonay Eloheychem shiv'at yamim.


citron tree
  (Targum; Saadia). Hadar in Hebrew, usually referred to as Ethrog.

unopened palm frond
  (Sukkah 32a; Rashi).

myrtle branches
  (cf. Sukkah 32b; Rashi). The practice is to place three such branches in the bunch.

  (cf. Sukkah 34a). Two are placed in the bunch, together with the palm frond and myrtle.

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